Energy in Storms


A storm rolling in on Vilano Beach, Florida

Have you ever been out in nature, (whether it’s the beach, the woods, the desert, or a park) and noticed the energy just before a storm?  Even animals behave differently when a storm is rolling in.

I think back to my early days watching the Wizard of Oz on television and observing the same energy.  Just before the tornado hits, the sky grows dark and the wind picks up… the hired hands turn out the horses and Auntie Em calls Dorothy in that shrill voice.   As a child, I remember the hair on my arms standing up and my heart pounding just sitting in my living room.

Maybe you are not as sensitive as I am and scenes on TV may not conjure up emotions, but undoubtedly you have experienced what I am talking about in your life.

Each person responds differently to the energy that storms generate.  The diversity of how people react is prevalent in my own family.  Two of my children (and our dog) show signs of stress and anxiety.  They become visibly anxious, in fact, you can see the distress on their faces.  The dog will quiver and pant.  Their goal is to get as far away from the storm as they can.  My other child is energized… he runs right into the storm.  If we are on the beach, he will kick off his shoes, throw off his shirt and run into the ocean.


The day before Hurricane Matthew hit St. Augustine, 2016.

Either extreme is evidence that the energy before a storm is real.  As a photographer, it is my goal to capture that feeling in one perfect still image.  Because I used the word “perfect”, I have condemned myself to an impossible achievement.  Like the concept of limits in calculus, you can get very close to the absolute, but never reach it.  Another way of looking at it is this… it can be a lifelong adventure.  Can you guess how I respond to the energy?

7D6A2717 Edit.jpg

Porpoise Point on Vilano Beach, Florida.

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